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Dressed Boards (DAR)

We make a range of different products to finish and decorate the inside or a home or workplace. Dressed or DAR boards are the cost-effective, environmentally sustainable option for indoor jobs such as shelving and storage boxes. Studies show that surrounding yourself with timber in the home is good for your health, improving air quality and reducing stress responses.

Use for – Internal decorative jobs where appearance is important


Beautiful natural grain with a smooth machined finish

Our boards come in a variety of widths and lengths so finding the perfect size for your project is easier and there’s less waste

If you change your mind about a finish you can just sand back the timber and paint again which you can’t do with veneers.

Can be easily painted or stained to match colour themes or lacquered to highlight the beautiful timber grain

Lightweight and easy to cut to size

Our DAR Boards Range – Premium Grade

End-Section (mm)Length (m) Lengths
240×19 Select Grade
290×19 Select Grade

Lining Boards

Using timber lining boards on a wall or ceiling, adds interest to a home thanks to their natural beauty and being timber they also provide natural insulation to a room. The warmth and contrast of the timber grain provides a design impact that can suit both traditional and contemporary homes. Consider whitewashing the timber will for a modern Scandi look.

Use for: Decorative finishing for internal walls, ceilings and furniture making


Easy to paint, stain or oil with its smooth machined finish and natural grain

Easy to move around during construction as lightweight yet durable

Our lining boards are cut to a Regency Profile (P321)

A more durable alternative to veneered timber products

If you change your mind on the finish you can just sand the timber back and re-paint or stain something that isn’t possible with veneered timber

Our Lining Boards Range – ROM Grade

End-Section (mm)ProfilesLength (m) Lengths

Architraves and Mouldings

Our plantation pine Architraves and Mouldings provide a neat finish to interior jobs by hiding the join where the ceiling or floor meets a wall or around doorways and window frames. Protecting your corners from everyday wear, they create a functional yet stylish way to finish your home with beautiful Tasmanian grown pine.

Use for – Finishing internal wall, ceiling, floor, door and window joins


Beautiful natural grain with a smooth machined finish

Lightweight and durable

We make a range of different profiles so there is one to suit your style and project from modern to traditional

Easy to cut to size

Our Architraves Range – Clear Grade

End-Section (mm)ProfilesLength (m)
BullnoseSplayedColonialRandom Lengths

Our Mouldings Range – Clear Grade

End-Section (mm) & ProfileLength (m)
Random Lengths
35×8 Coverstrip
42×12 Door Stop
90×19 Quad
32×32 Scotia
42×19 Dado
30×30 External Corner


Our products are available from local hardware stores and timber yards across the State. Click the button below to find the closest one to you. Every time you purchase a piece of Timberlink timber, you are helping to keep jobs in Tasmania.